We Are Not Coming To Your Event. Here’s Why!


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By Cleo K. Murungi (@Cleo_TheSphynx

Events are big part of hip-hop as a whole. This is a great platform for an artiste to showcase their talent and to entertain their fans. It is also an opportunity for fans to finally see and meet their favorite artistes in the flesh. Last but not least, it is also a cash channel for the artiste. They get to acquire some income for their work through charging a fee at the entrance and selling their merchandise in form of CDs, and apparel.

The turn up at hip-hop events has always been a delicate issue, one that leaves a lot of room for improvement. A lot of factors come into play when you are planning an event, the biggest one being the resources.Event planners usually approach prospective investors. The “No” is more frequent than a “Yes” that sticks. It’s advisable to always have a back up for your backup plan, which in this case, is money from your pocket. If that is not enough, then you’ll need favors from your friends and associates. And more often than not, these things have a high probability of leading to a flop of an event. So why has your event continued to flop? Why is the turn up so low? Why can’t you seem to get people to attend? I’ll tell you why…

1. There’s nothing special about your event.
It is the same thing happening at other hip-hop events. What got people interested in attending Kwivuga was that they had different things going on.They had poetry, art, video premieres, the audience was involved and engaged. People looked forward to not only attending, but also sharing their own work along with other artistes.

It is related to my first point, but in this case it is about the entertainment. Some people start a monthly event but never change the entertainment. It is always the same curtain raisers, same songs performed by the same curtain raisers, same clothes worn by the same song performing same curtain raiser…Cheezus! Are you hoping that we suffer from amnesia or you are just out of options? Change or Chill already!

3. Location, Location, Location!
The venue of the event is a serious issue. Keep it as accessible as possible. Not everybody drives and Kampala ain’t safe no more! I have heard of events in Kireka, Luweero, Mukono,Luzira. These places are not only far from town, but they are unfamiliar to the kind of audience that may be interested in attending. Your target audience is concentrated in the urban areas like Bugolobi and Ntinda and you are trying to takes us half way round the world. Don’t complain if people do not come. Still on the subject of the venue, I know people will say, they are limited by money, and the suitable locations cost a lot to pay for. Y’all know a guy called Reno Kabachelor, talk to him on condition that you won’t waste his time. Also places like National Theater are free for hire as long as you come to a symbiotic agreement. Stop trying to take us across River Nile just to attend your events.

Y’all niggas say your event is starting at 7pm and it doesn’t kick off until 11pm. Do you think we are pieces of furniture with nothing to do than just sit there waiting for you to start. A lot of blame will be put on the audience for arriving late, but that is still the fault of the event planner. If we didn’t learn from your previous events that we were going to be treated like mannequins on display in a shop, maybe we would have come earlier. And then you want us to come to weird locations and leave after 1 am cause you failed to start on time… Hmm!

5. Sound and Entertainment.
Honestly, a fan would be excited to attend a show of an artiste who they are familiar with, one who they are sure will deliver on stage as promised. Just because you can rap and sing, doesn’t mean you can entertain. So maybe you should work on trying to perform on other artistes’ shows and get more comfortable on stage,  before you have your own. Sound is another issue. It can make and break you! Always make sure you have good working microphones and a sober Deejay who isn’t out to sabotage you, knowingly or unknowingly.

6. Promo and Advertising.
This is often taken for granted but it is important. It doesn’t stop at just posting on your Facebook and Twitter for a couple of weeks and hoping for the best. I saw this happen with Benezeri’s last concert. The rest is history! Promo should be intensive if you cannot afford the extensive coverage. Find creative ways to do it, than just uploading poorly done artwork that doesn’t hold peoples’ attention, make short videos, audio Ads etc. A mad genius created Whatsapp and Messenger and you’re not genius enough to utilize them.

I’ll conclude by reminding you about Keko’s Show. We guarantee it will be worth your time. Here at The Tribe UG, we are all about supporting local hip-hop. So come through. Check press and poster for details.



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  1. i much want to have my music on this website but i really dont know how it could be done, i need your help please.thanks

  2. Wow, am impressed with this well detailed work, put in mind the circles you create around you, they matter most
    Non of all those beats the created circles of friends and family

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