What You Didn’t Know About The Mith; NZE WUWO Reviewed

By Cleo Murungi (@cleo_thesphynx)

The Mith has mastered the art of wooing the ladies on and off the mic. From tracks like “FIRE”, “Show You Off”, “On My Mind (Bougie Woujie)”, “Eh Mama” and now the most recent “Nze Wuwo.”
Being 6ft4, easy on the eye and successful in his craft, The Mith sure does get a lot of attention from the ladies. It is only obvious that they inspire a lot of his music. Nze Wuwo however, is a track that leaves many of us wondering who of these ladies is the special one; the “main squeeze”, the “Bougie Woujie”.

“What more could i ask for/
She’s my all, the one that I ride for/
She’s my soul the one that I write for/…

“Nze Wuwo” is a beautifully constructed piece of music right from the beginning. With Myko Ouma’s  guitar and Herbert Ssesamba’s heartfelt harmonies that simply make for a beautifully woven piece of musical tapestry and I haven’t gotten to the raps yet. The track is produced by Samurae and the legendary Dawoo. “Nze Wuwo” is a song about reassurance of his love for this lady, despite the doubts and drama. The Mith is not one to plead for anything, so this is one special lady.
Over the years, he has been linked to Flavia Tumusiime and Tattu Sophie. Could this song be inspired by one of them? Or do you know anybody else who could be the one giving The Mith sleepless nights.

Download and Listen to Nze Wuwo Here:


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